About this Map

The Albuquerque Crime Map was built by the Journal to provide the public with updated information on crime within the city.

The data used is gathered from the Albuquerque Police Department and provided by the City of Albuquerque. It does not include incidents that are covered by the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office. The red area on the map defines APD's jurisdiction.

The map is updated daily and contains all incidents that have been entered into APD's case management system for the last 180 days and approved by a supervisor. Each incident lists the block where the incident occurred, the NIBRS crime type and the date it was reported.*

By default, the map shows all crime types from the last seven days with reported information. You can filter the map by date range and/or by crime type.

-- Built by Digital Product Manager Jolie McCullough and Web Developer Tyler Green

Sources: CABQ Police Incidents dataset | NIBRS crime types

*The date the incident was reported may sometimes differ from the date on which the incident took place. Because the incident must be approved by a supervisor before being entered into the dataset, incidents tend to appear on the map two to three days after the reported date.